Cotto Vs Canelo - The Clash of Styles

Cotto vs Canelo, the fight that was supposed to be the first of many. After all, the two best fighters in the sport never fought each other. The fight was meant to be Canelo’s next crack at the much-wanted “W.” Boxing fans were already well aware of this fight and their eagerness to watch it.

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Yet they were left disappointed when they learned that the two were not actually that close to fighting each other.

In fact, Cotto’s style had much more of a learning curve in order to adapt to the style of Canelo. The fans saw the two as brawling brawlers, and almost their entire persona came from those initial years. Cotto had to learn to box from angles, hide his punches and show combinations.

Canelo turned out to be a cerebral boxer, someone who knows his opponents better than his own trainer, and knows how to use the ropes to his advantage. He learned that the ropes are a significant weapon in boxing, especially against opponents who are used to controlling the ring. They are also a necessity if you are going to knock your opponent down.

Cotto, on the other hand, learned a lot from a great trainer. Sugar Ray Leonard was able to slow down Cotto’s aggression and turn him into a cerebral fighter. For the most part, the move backfired on Cotto, who is still angry about the fact that Leonard used him as a punching bag during his time. When Canelo took over the Chavez fight, he almost immediately began hitting Cotto with powerful right hands.

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world’s best boxers

However, the fight between these two really was a battle of two of the best boxers in the world.

Both were considered great fighters. One had the talent, the speed and the power to knock the other out. Not only that, but both of them have the charisma, heart and dignity to win a fight.

Canelo, although no longer a young man, still has years ahead of him. He is still one of the best young fighters in the sport and will continue to get better. He will be tested again by Chavez and by Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he will still be considered the greatest fighter on the planet.

Canelo is very young and will still be learning in the ring for the next several years. He has so much more to learn, especially since he has lost his previous fights. He will be tested again, but he will still be considered the best boxer in the world. His victory over Chavez proves this.

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Boxing fans want the best. They want the fight that will truly bring out the best of both fighters. They want a clash of styles that can make boxing history.